With Jo Jackson

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I practice yoga to live deeply each moment of my life. I teach yoga in the hopes that you may do the same.


81 Rue du Château du Roi,
46000 Cahors FRANCE


Sangha Yoga

Saturdays 09h00-10h00

Queer Yoga

One Sunday per month 09h30-11h00


“[Post-lineage yoga] rejects the idea that any individual yogic text or modern alignment paradigm can hold complete universal truth, and rejects unquestioning allegiance to a single deity in the form of a living or historical figure. It rejects the common practice of attributing any harm caused within the practice to defects in the practitioner, and seeks to re-situate the practice in community, and socio-political contexts. Post-lineage yoga is a re-evaluation of the authority to determine practice, and a privileging of peer networks over pedagogical hierarchies, or saṃghas (communities) over guru-śiṣya (teacher-adept) relationships.” – Theodora Wildcroft

Rather than try to engineer an inclusive space, I’m committed to the internal work that will enable the fullness of many different bodies to coexist. “Because through feeling and exploring (my) ignorance (I create) a genuine opening for (your) reality. Stepping into this unknown means carving out space for (your) existence.” – Why People of Color Need Spaces Without White People, Kelsey Blackwell

Having injured my hips, I’m all too aware that not all bodies can do the same things. That’s why I strive to provide adaptable classes.

It doesn’t matter what your practice looks like. What matters is how it feels.