Grain Moon Yoga

“Homes can be lost. Parents will die. Where do you find belonging when these things you’ve used to contain yourself […]

Buck Moon Yoga

“Balance is a verb, not a state.” About the class To mark the coming together of moon (yin) and antlers […]

Strawberry Moon Yoga

“To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of […]

Flower Moon Yoga

“Anything that is broken or fragmented inside of us gets healed in the heart.” SUE COOPER About the class During […]

Pink Moon Yoga

“Joyful awareness arises when we are awake to our senses.” SUE COOPER About the class A super Pink Full Moon […]

Worm Moon Yoga

“It contains soil, rain, and sunshine. It is also full of clouds, oceans, and minerals. It is even full of […]

Snow Moon Yoga

“Tough, frozen places inside of us begin to melt and soften as the circulation of love warms us like spring […]

Wolf Moon Yoga

“Get in good trouble, necessary trouble.” John Lewis About the class Do you ever feel frustrated by your own politeness? […]