Yoga mats can quickly get grubby and absorb a lot of sweat. To clean off mucky smudges, deodorise, or disinfect your mat, all you need is a DIY yoga mat spray.

Here are two recipes – one simple and one fancy – that you can whip together using basic ingredients to make your own DIY yoga mat spray.

Illustration: Jo Jackson

Simple DIY Yoga Mat Spray

If you’re in need of a quick fix, this recipe is for you. It requires little more than your basic household supplies and some tap water. Luckily for me, here in Cape Town, our tap water is very high quality.

Note: While the bicarbonate of soda completely dissolves in the water, when the mixture evaporates on the nozzle, it can leave a salty deposit that blocks the flow of your spray. Just scrape or rinse off.

Fancy DIY Yoga Mat Spray

This recipe might require a trip to the shops if you don’t have any distilled water or witch hazel lying around, but going the extra mile makes for a great little yoga mat spray.

Note: Not everyone is a fan of the strong smell of white vinegar. It certainly makes your spray smell more like a cleaning agent than a stroll through the herb garden, but it’s an excellent ingredient for fighting mat grime.


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