I uninstalled Instagram for two whole months! It was part of an existential crisis I’ve been working through as a yoga teacher. You can read more about it in my comic Not a Juice Cleanse.

It’s so cliché to say, “I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram.” But I do! Instagram sucks! And more specifically, Yogagram sucks! Once you start selling yoga, it’s no longer yoga. It’s a product. And I have no idea how to navigate the desire to find students, connect with people in the yoga-world that I resonate with, while not falling into the capitalist trappings of marketing yourself. Add to that the brain numbing addiction of the infinite scroll and I was ready to hit “uninstall”.

That being said, over my two-month Instagram detox I cracked from time to time and logged in on the desktop version on my phone just to check my inbox and watch a few choice stories. Even though it was technically “cheating”, it helped me to figure out which accounts I valued and which accounts didn’t really need to take up space in my life.

I’m back on Instagram now. I tend to avoid random scrolling and opt more for checking in on my favourite accounts. But you know how it is… The scroll still gets me 🤷

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