I tore my left hip labrum in 2020 during my yoga teacher training, and I tore my right hip labrum in 2022 in a non-yoga related incident. You can read more about how it happened and what the fall out was in my article 4 Things to Consider Before Your Yoga Teacher Training.

My orthopaedic surgeon in South Africa had me convinced that I was going to need serious surgery. At the very least, he wanted to do keyhole surgery to reattach my labrum. At most, he was talking about cutting and realigning my femur bones to stop the tear from happening again and again. The thing is, I was on the cusp of moving to France when I got my diagnosis, so I decided to hold off and follow through with it once I’d settled in France.

My French doctor, however, wasn’t convinced I needed surgery. While waiting for his final decision, I started strength training with Jenni Rawlings and Travis Pollen via their Strength for Yoga remote group training program.

I told myself it couldn’t hurt to get strong. It would no doubt help with post-surgery recovery. But what I didn’t anticipate was that the combination of strength training and platelet rich plasma injections – a much less invasive procedure, which is designed to help resurface joints and heal body tissue – would be enough to heal my injuries and help me regain my confidence.

This video is a little celebration for how far I’ve come since…

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