“Tough, frozen places inside of us begin to melt and soften as the circulation of love warms us like spring sun.”

John Welwood

About the class

It has been said that for every knot in the body, there is a knot in the mind. The dialogue going on within us is a powerful one. Our cells are listening to our every thought, and in turn our state of mind is influenced by our state of body. Through the practice of breathwork, mindful movement and meditation we can gently move these different parts of ourselves into a state of ease and unity.

Join me for Snow Moon Yoga on Saturday the 27th of February. The symbol of this cold, hard moon is an opportunity for us to enquire into the tough or frozen places inside of us. What would happen if we offered our stiff bodies the warmth of gentle movement? What would happen to our sore minds if we offered ourselves the balm of love? 

Sat 27 Feb 2021 | 21h00 SAST | Snow Moon Yoga | Jo Jackson | 60min

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