I’m a perfectionist, and it is an absolute curse. It gets in the way of life in big ways and in small. That’s why part of my life’s work is to gently part ways with perfectionism. Here’s an example of how it derailed what should have been some light-hearted play…

I kicked off 2021 with big dreams of doing a pen-and-ink six panel comic every day (inspired by Maya LeMaitre‘s collection Last Year). Initially it took me a few minutes to finish the six panels, but as the days went on, I’d spend more and more time doing trial runs on scrap pieces of paper before committing to the page. Before I knew it, I didn’t have enough time in the day to fit it in. 

That being said, I’ve taken to doing little four panel comics on my iPad, which I’m finding extremely rewarding. The fact that I can erase things eases the perfectionist within, and ironically my drawings are scrappier and more fun than ever.

Stuck was the first four-panel I made, and I thought it was an apt one to share now, because, without fail, the pandemic blues start to creep in when the full moon comes around (Full Moon Yoga anyone?). 

My partner and I have plans to leave South Africa and move to France to reunite with my family. (I haven’t seen them in almost 2 years.) Those plans are indefinitely on hold until some international travel restrictions are lifted, so I’m not just stay-home-stay-safe stuck. I’m feeling BIG stuck these days…

I guess, in the words of @pokeacupuncture I just need to stop fighting against life. I need to soften into it.

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